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How to pair a KHS-860 / KCH-850 Headset

This article applies to models: KHS-850 & KHS-860.

Here are the steps to pair or synchronize this devices to a Bluetooth terminal:

1. Place any Bluetooth Device available to sync.

2. With the headphone off, press the "power" button for 10 seconds. This will make a continuous sound and a light (Green on KSH-860, red light on KCH-850) will appear, then this light will be intermittent between 2 lights (Green and red on KSH-860, Red and blue on KCH-850) meaning "searching for devices" .

3. Try to sync your headphone. If this device request any pairing password, use "0000" as your password or PIN.

4. This device will be paired with your Bluetooth device as well.