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KWS-350: How to pair your speaker with Bluetooth

This article applies to models: KWS-350 Bluevibe Speaker.

Here are the steps to Pair or Synchronize the BlueVibe Speaker:

1- Set up your USB stick. Make sure the USB connects and works correctly.

2- Turn on your PC, and click "Bluetooth manager". Then activate the Bluetooth function and search for "Bluetooth Speaker"

3- During the pairing procedure, you will be required to enter a passkey code for connection of the Bluetooth Speaker device (Passkey 0000).

4- Once the pairing process has been completed, you will hear a "Beep". You need to check whether your PC has detected the Bluetooth Speaker device and that this has been activated. Go to "Control Panel", then go to "Sound"

Note: If an extra speaker has been found, this will be shown as "Bluetooth Speaker". If this is the case, you can immediately play and listen to stereo music wirelessly. Otherwise, you will need to go through steps 1-3 again. (Please note: Make sure to set Bluetooth Speaker as the default speaker before playing your music).

5- Please disconnect all media players, and go to "Bluetooth Speaker" icon, and then click "Connect". You will hear a Bleep signifying that your Bluetooth speaker will be ready. You can now immediately play and listen wirelessly.