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KKM-355 Function (Fn) Key

The following article applies to the media center - Revelation model : KKM-355 (S or E).

On some keyboards the FN (function) key keeps activated at all times.

This are the steps to manage the special keys for your KKM-355 keyboard:

When Num Lock is ON:
* All Blue characters are enabled and active.
When Num Lock is OFF:
* All Blue characters are disabled and only white characters work.
When Num Lock is ON and you press Fn key:
* The white characters will display.
When Num Lock is OFF and you press Fn key:
* All special keyboard commands are active as in any number pad (End for #1; Down for #2; Page Down for #3; Left for #4, Right for #6; Home for #7, Up for 8; etc.).