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KKM-355: Troubleshooting

The following article applies to the media center - Revelation model : KKM-355 (S or E).

This are the steps to troubleshoot your KKM-355 keyboard:

If the keyboard or mouse does not work as expected, first verify that the following recommendations have been followed:
  • The battery has been properly charged.
  • The receiver is correctly connected to the computer.
  • The receiver is within communication range with keyboard (No more than 10 meters away, depending on location).
  • Keep in mind that wireless technology is always susceptible to interference and/or signal loss. Interference is caused by other RF wireless devices transmitting within a certain range of your receiver. For that matter, the receiver should be placed at least 20 cm away from other cordless devices.
  • RF signal will usually propagate without attenuation through glass, wood, plasterboard walls or other nonmetallic materials, achieving in most cases a 360 degree radiation patter. However, RF waves cannot travel through metal, degrading the strength of the signal and the overall performance of the device as a result.